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Donau Universität Krems: Professional MBA Program for Future Leaders in the Aviation Industry

Aviation is one of the most dynamic and fascinating global industries, making air transport a crucial facilitator of economic activity and connecting people all over the globe. However, constrained by an extensive regulatory framework the industry has to cope with economic cycles, environmental incidents, political interference and threats from terrorism.

In such an environment, Aviation Executives have to possess keen business insights and perspectives, a multidisciplinary grasp of the aviation business, and a comprehensive understanding of the numerous factors that impact and shape the current landscape of the aviation industry. In today’s world, managers must be flexible, able to identify key operational risks, plan for uncertainties, and make critical decisions that are innovative, analytical and responsive.


The Professional MBA, Specialization Aviation Management program offers state-of-the-art general management education and advanced aviation management know-how.

The program provides students with an in depth understanding of the air transport industry and the challenges it faces. Simultaneously, the program provides the industry with individuals whose experience and skills have been enhanced through aviation management education.

8 Seminal Reasons for the Aviation Management MBA

> Orientation towards Aviation Management from a practical perspective

> Focus on practice-oriented management skills

> State-of-the-art instruments and methods taught by top-notch faculty and practitioners

> Commitment to team learning and knowledge transfer

> International orientation and inspirational international study programs

> Double internationally accredited: FIBAA & ACBSP

> Inspiring learning environment

> Enthusiastic Aviation Alumni

Our main objective is to offer our international students a high-ranking Professional Aviation MBA Program. To this end, two international renowned accreditation agencies have reviewed our state-recognized industry-focused MBA program and verified its quality, FIBAA and ACBSP. More information: www.fibaa.de and www.acbsp.org/

Messages from Friends of the Program:

“The Professional MBA, Specialization Aviation Management Program of Danube University Krems has been a wonderful experience for me. The program attracts top scholars from around the Aviation world and my colleagues and I was happy to touch down to this special learning experience for Aviation managers in the Center of Europe.”
Fabio Rosso, MBA, Project Manager, Airbus Defence and Space, Germany

„And a very big thank you for sharing the vacancy position at EUROCAE, I applied and got successful! So now I can surely say that DUK changed my life! “
Sergiu Marzac, Head of Rulemaking Department, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Moldavia


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